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WildStorm Feature

The WildStorm FeatureThe WildStorm feature is a new random bonus feature which makes up part of Thunderstruck 2 and can occur randomly at any time you are playing the game.

Therefore unlike the bonus rounds within the Great Hall of Spins, you do not have to hit a particular sequence of symbols, scatters or wilds for WildStorm to occur.

The concept of WildStorm is very good and gives players a great chance to win a lot of coins.

However, during the countless number of hours that I have played Thunderstruck 2 for, WildStorm is not known as ‘WildStorm’ in my house.

Oh no! In fact in my house getting awarded the WildStorm is akin to hitting a ‘ShitStorm’, such have been the low returns or no returns I have won whenever I have been awarded this random bonus feature.

Upon being awarded the WildStorm Feature, a dark cloud appears above the 5 reels and lightening strikes down from above. Then Thor which is a stacked wild starts to fill up between one and all five of the reels. Potentially a big win could be had, but with me it is like Mr Hanky has come to tea each and every time I have been awarded WildStorm.

That said, it looks like I am just unlucky, as by frequenting many casino forums, there are tales and screenshots from many a player who have managed to hit a bank busting win after having been awarded WildStorm.

WildStorm and bonus random features are a great addition to any online slot and of course TS2, but just once it would be nice that the big guy that is Thor, dropped into the first few reels, instead of giving me the virtual finger LOL.


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